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Environmental temperature and humidity control requirements in the workshop of packaging manufacturers

Due to the moisture absorption of nylon film and the series of adverse consequences caused by moisture absorption, there are certain requirements for the environment of paper-plastic packaging manufacturers. Generally, it should be stored at about 23°C, ±3°C, and the dry humidity difference is ideal within the range of 60%RH±5%RH. The nylon membrane cannot be placed directly on the floor or in the open air to avoid moisture absorption. The difference between dry and wet in the production environment generally does not exceed 75% RH. If it reaches 80% RH, production should be stopped (especially compound production) to avoid bad causes. If the task must be put into production, exhaust fans and dehumidifiers can be added to the production site to enhance indoor air circulation and reduce the humidity of the production environment to below 70%RH for reproduction. In short, when the humidity exceeds 70%RH, you must use it with caution. When the temperature is low or the humidity is too high, you must turn on the preheating equipment of the printing and laminating machine, first preheat the nylon film, and dry it on the surface of the nylon film. In order to facilitate the smooth progress of printing and composite production; at the turn of winter and spring, due to large temperature changes, when using mixed solvents, pay attention to effective adjustments with changes in temperature to prevent solvents from evaporating too fast or residual solvents. More quality accidents.
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